With years of experience in over 12 market segments, ESSMetron guarantees to design, engineer and manufacture the highest quality power distribution solutions.


ESSMetron has been providing power distribution solutions for the Gas sector for more than 20 years. Our custom made products provide reliable power to operate key systems for the extraction, compression, transportation and storage of natural gas. As the industry evolves, ESSMetron’s products evolves with it in order to meet the challenges this industry faces.

Some projects for this industry include:

-Supplied to a company located here in CO, ESSMetron designed and manufactured a Power Distribution Center, complete with a (nine section) medium voltage switchgear lineup, a medium voltage mimic panel, low voltage switchgear and a low voltage mimic panel. 


ESSMetron has been serving the oil industry for well over 20 years. In an industry where no two operations are the same, every dollar counts and changes are bound to occur, our lengthy experience aids us providing the highest quality solutions to this constantly fluctuating industry. Our power distribution solutions primarily service the midstream sector of the industry where reliable transportation and storage systems are key components to having a successful and streamlined operation.

Some projects for this industry include:

-ESSMetron has provided a 5000 Amp NEMA 3R Walk-in Lineup (listed as UL 1558) with three sections. Included with this are Low voltage MCC’s.

Data Center / Telecom

ESSMetron is proud to serve this quickly evolving industry. With rapid growth over the last 10 years, the power distribution solutions provided to the data center/ telecom industry has become an increasingly important. Our custom products have proven to be reliable, as both the main power source and as back up power. Maintaining the highest level of reliability for this industry has been a key priority of ours, and we are constantly developing to keep up with it.

Some projects for this industry include:

-ESSMetron has proudly engineered and manufactured switchgear and custom Power Distribution Centers. Depicted are 3000 amp low voltage switchgear lineups with utility, generator, and redundant generator controls.

Power Generation

As the backbone of the industrial world, supplying essential and reliable energy has become a priority around the globe. For us at ESSMetron, that means designing and engineering peak value power distribution solutions to facilitate and support this vital industry. Working hand in hand with our customers we have been able to greatly improve the performance of our products to ensure continuous and uninterrupted power to these essential facilities. Our custom products have been proven over time to be an ideal fit for meeting these needs.

Some projects for this industry include:

-ESSMetron has provided a Power Distribution Centers complete with custom controls, low and medium voltage switchgear, in multiple buildings.

Water / Waste Water

With water being an increasingly precious resource, and waste water treatment becoming more and more vital, ESSMetron is committed to providing the most efficient power distribution solutions to the water and waste water industry. We manufacture our products to withstand corrosive environments in order to service the treatment plants without hindrance or frequent maintenance. With our experience in the industry, combined with advanced engineering capabilities, we are confident in our ability to meet the industry needs.

Some projects for this industry include:

-ESSMetron designed and manufactured a custom Power Distribution Center, complete with a 12 section 15kV (medium voltage) switchgear lineup.


ESS Metron has a strong focus on providing the highest quality power distribution solutions to the industrial sector, in order to keep equipment and machines running at full capacity, with reliable power. As industrial manufacturers ourselves, we understand the significance of having all systems running at upmost efficiency and without delay, therefore we design our equipment to supply a reliable source of power and performance. Regardless of the requirements, we are confident in our ability to meet them.

Some projects for this industry include:

-ESS Metron provided five skid mounted substations to an Aeronautical company.


We are proud to have completed many projects for the public sector. Our partnerships with government contractors have yielded many successful ventures for our company. Focused on servicing naval operations, we have designed and manufactured our products to comply with an array of international codes and standards. With our previous experience, as well as, our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we are confident in our ability to provide the best option for power distribution solutions to be ready to ship virtually anywhere in the world.

Some projects for this industry include:

-For the Naval Sector, we have engineered and manufactured a custom power distribution center, complete with 15kV medium voltage switchgear, 8kV medium voltage switchgear, and custom controls. 


As a manufacturing company ourselves, we understand how crucial reliable, efficient, and eminent power systems are for the commercial industries. Our power distribution solutions are engineered and manufactured specifically for each job, which is ideal for this industry as needs can be widespread. Providing the best solutions to ensure commercial power distribution is a primary goal of ours.


The individual consumer is just as important as the large corporation. That is why we are proud to provide custom Power Distribution Solutions to energy companies that bring this power into the individual home. With many years of experience in the utilities industry, we are confident in our ability to design and manufacture custom systems that bring reliable power and back up power.

Some projects for this industry include:

-For a company in the utilities sector, we have custom designed and manufactured a 400 Amp Low Voltage NEMA 3R Walk-in Switchgear Lineup, listed as UL891.

Mass Transit

ESSMetron specializes in providing the most reliable power distribution solutions to this imperative industry. Our manufacturing capabilities have been requested to produce custom products to transportation hubs across the country. With years of experience, and countless projects under our belt, we are assured in our ability to design and manufacture our products specifically to suit this industry’s needs. Guarantee of the most efficient power and backup power for this industry in extremely important, and we understand that here at ESSMetron.

Some projects for this industry include:

-For a large international airport, ESSMetron has designed and manufactured custom control (automated switchgear) for a power distribution center.

Alternative Energy

The need for alternative energy is growing more and more each day. With the emergence of solar, wind and hydroelectric power we have modified our standard product offerings to meet the industry-specific needs. Our alternative energy client base is growing exponentially, and we intend to scale accordingly to maintain customer satisfaction. we are proud to provide the power distribution solutions to the Alternative Energy industry. We are confident in our ability to deign and manufacture our products to suit this industry’s specific needs, in order to allow them to operate at full capacity, and as efficient as possible.

Some projects for the industry include: 

-Provided to a lab, ESSMetron custom designed and engineered a DC Switchboard


Being a Colorado based company, we have always been quite active in the mining industry. With a rich history of partnerships with the mining industry, we are confident in our ability to design and manufacture custom power distribution solutions. Our power distribution centers have been shipped across the globe to service any and all typed of mining operations. To prove consistent and reliable power to keep equipment and machinery running at the highest level of efficiency.